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Inclusion: Creating Our Place in Society.

This is the theme we have chosen for the 8th World Congress. We want this to reflect our view that people who stutter can create their own place in society and not just be given the place that society thinks is theirs. It is for individuals who stutter, self-help groups and national associations to give voice to their aspirations and to make sure that PWS are able to achieve these ambitions. Creating a place in society means children making a place for themselves in their family and in their school, adults making themselves a place in work as well as in the complex web of inter-relationships that makes up society.

PWS who found their place and made their mark

We would really like to have some examples of successful people who stutter, with photographs if possible. If you know of any, please send us a photo plus a few sentences about the person concerned.

Rowan Atkinson (more)

English comedian, actor and writer
Slaven Bilić (more)

Former Croatian football player and current coach of the Croatian national team
Winston Churchill (more)

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom during the World War II
Noel Gallagher (more)

Lead songwriter, guitarist and sometime lead-singer of the band Oasis
Tomislav Gotovac (more)

Film director, a conceptual artist and a performer
Špiro Guberina (more)

Croatian actor
Samuel L. Jackson (more)

Renata Knez (more)

Marilyn Monroe (more)

Actress, singer and model
Sir Isaac Newton (more)

English physicist, mathematician, astronomer...
Ivona Orečić (more)

Valentina Radić (more)

Dino Radja (more)

Former NBA player
Željko Rohatinski (more)

Governor of the Croatian National Bank (CNB)
Darko Rundek (more)

Croatian musician
Marc Shell (more)

Professor of Comparative Literature and Professor of English at Harvard University
Zlatan Stipišić Gibonni (more)

Croatian singer and songwriter
Tonči Tadić (more)

Member of Croatian Parliament
Bruce Willis (more)

Tiger Woods (more)

Professional golfer